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Wheelchair, School Uniform and Fireproof Jackets Distribution

2076-8-14 / 2019-11-30

Trageting the International Day of Disabled People, Rotary Club of Madhyapur in Collaboration with Madhyapur Thimi Municipality and different other Read More

Microsoft Package Orientation Program

2076-8-7 / 2019-11-23

On Nov. 23 2019, RAC Madhyapur organized a workshop for the members of RAC Madhyapur led by the Professional Development Avenue where, the members Read More

Orientation Program for Proposed Members

2076-7-30 / 2019-11-16

On Nov. 16, 2019, RAC Madhyapur organized an Orientation Program for its proposed members. 16 newly proposed members and 19 club members attended the Read More

Deusi Bhailo Program

2076-7-11 / 2019-10-28

Around 20 rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Madhyapur participated in the Deusi Bhailo Program organized by the Club in different places of Radhe Read More

End Polio Rally

2076-7-7 / 2019-10-24

On oct. 24, 2019, we joined a rally for a global cause to end polio around the world. The rally was organized jointly with Rotary Club of Madhyapur Read More

Dashin Tihar greeting exchange program

2076-6-18 / 2019-10-05

On oct. 5, 2019, marking the special occasion of Fulpati, we along with our parent club and Innerwheel Club of Madhyapur organized Dashain Greeting Read More

Free Dental and General Health Camp

2076-6-14 / 2019-10-01

On the occasion of International Elderly Day, Rotaract club Madhyapur jointly with the Rotary Club of Madhyapur organized a Free Dental And General Read More

Inter-District Youth Exchange Project

2076-5-30 / 2019-09-16

On sept. 15 and 16, 2019, Rotaract Club of Madhyapur along with Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur hosted inter-district rotaractors from India. RAC Read More

Dengu Awareness and Pamphlet Distribution Program

2076-5-28 / 2019-09-14

The awareness rally along with pamphlet distribution was done in different cities of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality starting from Sankhadhar Chowk to Read More

Sukute Refreshment

2076-5-6 / 2019-08-23

On 23rd and 24th of August 2019, Rotaract Club of Madhyapur organized a refreshment project for the club members. At the very begining of the new Read More

8th Installation of Rotaract Club of Madhyapur

2076-4-11 / 2019-07-27

A joint Installation Ceremony was conducted by Rotaract Club of Madhyapur with it's Parent Club, Rotary Club of Madhyapur and Innerwheel Club of Read More

Biska: Jatra

2075-12-30 / 2019-04-13

Biska Jatra or Bisket Jatra is an annual event in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Dhapasi Tokha and other places in Nepal. The festival is Read More

Bridhaashram Visit

2075-9-6 / 2018-12-21

During Interact week,Rac Madhyapur supported elderly home (Dhyoma Bridhaashram) at bode which also is a SAP(Special Area Project ) area of the club Read More

club orientation

2075-8-22 / 2018-12-08

New member orientation and management is one of the prime duties of Club Service Committee. On 8th December 2018, the new member orientation program Read More

Books Beyond Border

2075-8-7 / 2018-11-23

Gyan Bikash Aadharbhut Vidyalaya School is a public school located in the vicinity of Madhyapur district, Nepal. During the 2015 earthquake, the Read More

Deusi Bhailo Programme

2075-7-22 / 2018-11-08

The idea of deusi bhailo program to raise fund for the club administration was a very unique and special for all the members. So, all the members Read More

Rotary, Rotaract and Inner Wheel Fellowship hike

2075-6-26 / 2018-10-12

Rotary, Rotaract and Inner wheel is a family. The support and collaboration is must for all to conduct their successful events. So, the mutual Read More

Club office Redecoration

2075-5-23 / 2018-09-08

Office layout is an important component for an organizations or firms to work efficiency . A good layout can stimulate our mand towards positive Read More

Drinking Water Distribution at Nilbarahi Nach Bode

2075-5-15 / 2018-08-31

We distriduted drinking water as well as juice to the devotees present in the jatra. People were over wemlingly excited about the project and the Read More

STEM for kids

2075-2-25 / 2018-06-08

STEM stands for"Science,Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics". Wistem Nepal is an organiztion working specially for women Read More

Football For Education

2075-2-6 / 2018-05-20

Rotaract club of Madhyapur and Bhaktapur  Played as  team  against Bayern munchi fan club nepal to raise fund.We then provided Read More

Biska Jatra Photo Exhibition

2075-1-29 / 2018-05-12

Biska Jatra Photo Exhibition was held for the fourth time where we awarded different winners in categories like Top 10, Facebook like winners and Top Read More

Thyroid Camp

2074-12-17 / 2018-03-31

We conducted a Thyroid camp jointly with SRL Diagnostics. We also provided a free sugar test for the visitors.
Read More

Free ENT Camp

2074-11-2 / 2018-02-14

Free ENT camp was held with the support of BP Netra Prathisthan

About 140 people were checked and 10 were found in need of cataract surgery who Read More

Winter Shawl and Breakfast Distribution

2074-9-29 / 2018-01-13

It was a four hrs long project. It is our special area project. We provided warm shawls and some healthy breakfast to the elderly people.
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Co-Hosting late Rtr.Santosh Memorial Nation wise Rota Quiz

2074-9-1 / 2017-12-16

We Co-Hosted the Late Rtr.Sachin Memorial Nation Wise Rota Quiz jointly with Rotaract club of Banepa.
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Nation wise Blood Donation Camp

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11

Nation wise Blood donation camp.
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Book Signing Campaign

2074-7-11 / 2017-10-28

Rac Madhyapur is really honoured to organize" Book signing campaign" by the legend himself: Mr.Madan Krishna Shrestha of his recently Read More

Global Hand Washing Awareness Program

2074-6-29 / 2017-10-15

Successfully conducted Global hand washing awareness today at 3 different schools of Madhyapur thimi. 

1. Advanced Academy School.

2. Prime Read More

Ama Yangri Fellowship Trek

2074-6-9 / 2017-09-25

It was 3 days long trek. There were 27 Participants. 5 from Rotaract Club of Madhyaour and  remaining from Rotaract CLub of Bhaktapur. It was Read More

ABCE Dance Competition

2074-6-3 / 2017-09-19

Rotaract club of Madhyapur participated on Rota ABCD (any body can dance) , Organized by Rotaract club of Panauti.
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Zonal COTS

2074-5-3 / 2017-08-19

The Program was hosted by Rac Banepa and Dhulikhel. 9 members from Rotaract club of Madhyapur participated in this event. members Read More

Wordpress Meetup - July

2074-03-24 / 2017-07-08

Second session on "Comprehensive Wordpress Dashboard Guide" organized by wordpress bhaktapur in partnership with RAC Madhyapur at the Read More

Paddy Cultivation with Cultural Dress

2074-03-21 / 2017-07-05

RAC Madhyapur came with an innovative idea of rice plantation wearing different traditional dress which symbolizes various ethnicity of Nepal.  Read More

Birthday Celebration

2074-03-14 / 2017-06-28

365 days of dedication as a president of RAC Madhyapur 2016/17 can be summarizes as an example of dedication, commitment and hardwork.

Hosting Read More

PS Meet Success Party

2074-03-05 / 2017-06-19

Success Party
Read More

Wordpress Meetup

2074-02-20 / 2017-06-03

WordPress Bhaktapur Meetup organized by WordPress Bhaktapur at Swastik College hosted by Rotaract Club of Madhyapur. This Meetup was Read More

Biska Jatra Photo Competition Season 3

2074-02-09 / 2017-05-23


Holi Celebration

2073-11-29 / 2017-03-12

Holi Celebration
Read More

New Year’s Eve Celebration and Breakfast at Old Age Home Bode

2073-09-16 / 2016-12-31

Read More

DRR visit and Charter Day Celebration

2073-08-11 / 2016-11-26

Charter Day Celebration & DRR Visit
Read More

Nation Wide Blood Donation Camp

2073-08-04 / 2016-11-19

Read More

Free ENT and Eye Camp

2073-07-20 / 2016-11-05

Read More

Joint Rafting with RAC Jawalakhel

2073-07-20 / 2016-11-05

Read More

Dashain Greetings Exchange & Heritage Walk to Changunarayan

2073-06-22 / 2016-10-08

Read More

Water Distribution Program

2073-06-04 / 2016-09-20

Read More

1st PS Meet

2073-06-01 / 2016-09-17

1st PS Meet
Read More

5th Installation Ceremony

2073-04-29 / 2016-08-13

5th Installation Ceremony
Read More

2016-08-06 / 2016-08-06

Read More

Zonal COTS

2016-08-06 / 2016-08-06

Read More

New Member Orientation

2016-07-31 / 2016-07-31

Read More

Blood Donation and Relief Material Collection

2016-07-30 / 2016-07-30

On the date of July 30th 2016, A Blood Donation event was conducted on the premises of The Northpoint Mall, Chardobato, Bode. There was an Read More

Bisket Jatra Photo Competition II

2016-05-01 / 2016-05-01

With objective of promoting culture and festival specially Bisket Jatra, Rotaract Club of Madhyapur had started 'Bisket Jatra Photo Read More

Rotary Foundation Day & Stationary Distribution.

2016-04-13 / 2016-04-13

On the occassaion 6th Foundation day of Rotary Club of Madhyapur and New Year Tea Program, Chief guest Mr Bhupendra Sapkota and DG Rtn Keshav Read More

Nationwide Blood Donation

2015-11-28 / 2015-11-28

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur successfully organised Late Rtr.Sachin Memorial Nationwide Blood Donation Program. We were able to collect 28 pints of Read More

5th Charter Day Celebration

2015-11-26 / 2015-11-26

Read More

SAP Area

2015-11-07 / 2015-11-07

We Rotaract Club of Madhyapur went to Old Age Home at Madhyapur Thimi, Bode to provide breakfast for elderly people. It was SAP area project of Read More

Global Hand Washing Day

2015-10-15 / 2015-10-15

In Collaboration with FC REALE, we Rotaract Club of Madhyapur organized "Global Hand Wash Day" at Madhyapur Thimi in the initiation of Read More

What Next ? A Career Development Session

2015-10-03 / 2015-10-03

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur organised a Career Development Session on 3rd October.

Deligates from merojob.com Mr. Rajan Koirala ( MarCom Read More

1st PS Meet 2015

2015-09-26 / 2015-09-26

Participated on 1st PS Meet 2015 at Dhulikhel Community Hospital Organized by Rotaract Nepal 3292, Hosted by Rotaract Club of Dillibazar Kathmandu Read More

Road Safety Campaign

2015-09-12 / 2015-09-12




Full Photo Album
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Water Football Competition

2015-08-23 / 2015-08-23

We Rotaract Club of Madhyapur participated in "Water Football" organized by Rotaract Club of Jawalakhel Manjushree.
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Friendly Futsal

2015-08-22 / 2015-08-22

We Rotaract Club of Madhyapur & Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur jointly played freindly futsal match at Bhaktapur.


Full Photo Album
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4th Installation

2015-08-09 / 2015-08-09

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur celebrated 4th installation ceremony of our club. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of Rotaract family and enter Read More

Earthquake Relief Support

2015-04-26 / 2015-04-26

Read More

Award Distribution & Photo Exhibition

2015-04-11 / 2015-04-11

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur and THE IMAGE PARK jointly organized "Bisket Jatra Photo Competition" with theme " नँय Read More


2015-04-04 / 2015-04-04

Participated on 2nd PS Meet.
Read More

Sports & Stationary Distribution

2015-03-30 / 2015-03-30

With support from FC REALE, Rotaract Club of Madhyapur distributed sports, stationary and health sanitation kits to students(disabled students) of Read More

Earth Hour 2015

2015-03-28 / 2015-03-28

Read More

Culture Exchange & Farewell Program

2015-03-18 / 2015-03-18

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur and FC Reale jointly organized Culture Exchange Program with Japanese delegates Ryoichi Hatanaka and Aya Miyoshi Kizaki Read More

Sports, Stationary & Health Sanitation Distribution

2015-03-16 / 2015-03-16

Read More

Holi Celebration

2015-03-05 / 2015-03-05

Rotaract Club Of Madhyapur celebrated holi at Madhyapur Thimi, Bahakha Bazar by coloring each others with own members. On the very day all member Read More

Joint Meeting

2015-02-28 / 2015-02-28

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur participated in Zone X - Zonal Meeting at Waterfall Restaurant hosted by Rotaract Club of Madhyapur.
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Interaction Program with David Shakya

2015-02-17 / 2015-02-17

Rotaract club of Madhyapur organized an interaction program about Rotaract with past DRR Rtr.David Shakya. David Shakya elaborate about "what Read More

ECO Bag Project

2015-02-14 / 2015-02-14

Read More

World Cancer Day 2015

2015-02-04 / 2015-02-04

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, we Rotary club of Madhyapur, Rotaract Club of Madhyapur and Rotary Community Club (RCC) jointly organized a Read More

7th Rotaract District Conference

2015-01-31 / 2015-01-31

Read More

Photography Workshop

2015-01-15 / 2015-01-15

Jan 15,2015
Today Rotaract Club of Madhyapur organized a photography interaction class first time in Madhyapur with Afzal Khan. A total of 21 Read More

Zonal Picnic

2015-01-10 / 2015-01-10

We, Zone-X, had organized Zonal Picnic along with 5th Zonal Meeting on date January 10, 2015 at Lakurivanjyang. Hosted by RAC Phulbari. On the Read More

Cloths Donation

2014-12-26 / 2014-12-26

We Rotaract Club of Madhyapur had donated warm clothes and served tea to street children and homeless people around Basantapur Durbar Square Area Read More

Welcome program for Rotarian of RI District 3060, India

2014-12-07 / 2014-12-07

Welcome program for Rotarian of RI District 3060, India
Read More

Free Dental Camp

2014-12-05 / 2014-12-05

Free Dental Camp
Read More

World AIDS Day

2014-12-01 / 2014-12-01

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur organized AIDS awareness and documentry program for Interact Club of Advance Academy on World AIDS Day (1st december Read More

4th Charter Day Celebration

2014-11-26 / 2014-11-26

4th Charter Day Celebration
Read More

Free Pap Smear Test Camp

2014-11-22 / 2014-11-22

Read More

Nationwide Blood Donation Camp.

2014-11-15 / 2014-11-15

Rotaract Club of Madhapur organized a blood donation campaign on the day of Nationwide Blood Donation Camp in the memory of Late. Rtr Sachin. The Read More

Polio Campaign

2013-10-24 / 2013-10-24

More Pictures:

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Changa Chet

2013-10-11 / 2013-10-11

More Pictures:

Read More

Water Football 2013

2013-07-27 / 2013-07-27

More Pictures:

Read More


2013-07-27 / 2013-07-27

Read More


2013-07-17 / 2013-07-17

More Pictures

Album I


Album II Read More

RYLA 2013 "Awekening Youth"

2013-05-27 / 2013-05-27

More Pictures:



Album II

https Read More

Changa Chet 2069

2012-10-20 / 2012-10-20

More Pictures:

Read More

1st Rotary Installation + Rotaract Award Distibution Program

2012-08-11 / 2012-08-11

More Pictures

Read More

Ghentang Ghesi Twak

2012-08-05 / 2012-08-05

Read More

Zonal Cots Training of Zone 10

2012-08-04 / 2012-08-04

More Pictures:

Read More

Inter School Photography|Drawing|Essay Competition

2012-04-07 / 2012-04-07

Read More

Charter Day Celebration

2012-03-10 / 2012-03-10

Read More


2012-01-26 / 2012-01-26

Participated in ROTASIA 2012
Read More

Play with Clay

2011-12-24 / 2011-12-24

Read More

2nd Himalayan International B Boys B Girls JATRA

2011-12-03 / 2011-12-03

Read More

Charter Day Celebration

2011-11-26 / 2011-11-26

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur (RAC Madhyapur) organized chartered presentation ceremony here on Saturday. The Ceremony was chaired by the Chief Guest Read More

Tree Plantetion

2011-10-10 / 2011-10-10

Read More

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